Aria Marco

During the last fourteen years after graduating from RISD, I have followed my passions for visual storytelling and ironic wit. I’m naturally curious about the dark, absurd, and complex sides of the human psyche, which has been an underlying theme in my artwork and creative work since I was child. To this day, my trusty friend Fortunato (a realistic replica of a human skull), is often the beloved subject of my still life paintings. Some of my muses have been Edgar Allan Poe, Edward Gorey, Terry Pratchett, Jason Froud, and Arthur Rackham. I am an old soul, and love 20’s- 40’s jazz era music, dance, and fashion. I am eclectic when it comes to the interests and hobbies I collect, and there is no rhyme or reason that might predict what rabbit hole I will go down next. My latest fixation? I am fascinated by the rapid evolution of Artificial Intelligence, and the questions of ethics and progress that it provokes.

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