Arjun Johal

Hey, I am Arjun Johal and I am living in the UK. I love to teach karate and also create wonderful illustrations, unlike karate I always had a passion in drawing.

Watching my uncle draw from a young age inspired me to want to achieve his level of skill and detail. I went to De Montfort university to learn game art design, as I am a big gamer and felt like I wanted to combine both my hobbies into one, however where I went to study, they focused more on the technology side, creating models and placing them into the game, where I wanted to create concept art for companies.

I later managed to switch course and moved into Graphic design and illustration, here they pushed my skills, made me come out my comfort zone using other materials I wouldn’t ever use, forcing me to use more of my lateral side of thinking. As a result, my art style has changed from realistic drawings to illustrations inspired by traditional Indian paintings.
Although my dad tried to get me into karate when I was younger (as he used to train and teach it), I didn’t like it and wanted nothing to do with it because it looked nothing to how I saw martial arts done on TV.

It was in university where I first got into karate, as I wanted to stay fit during my time here. I tried multiple different martial arts before trying karate. I fell in love with this as it helped build my confidence and discipline. Once I finished university I wanted to continue my karate journey, so soon as I got home I asked my dad where he was trained and joined there. Here I started to sharpen my skills, not only in my karate but in how to help students who might not understand the technique as well. This is where I started to show interest in teaching, I love the feeling of giving back and proving other people the same knowledge that I learned to help them on their journey called life.

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